#60312  1/10 TC Body Wheel Arch Maker
The body wheel arch maker is designed for all 1/10 Touring cars, The bodyshells can make a perfect wheel arch after painting....


Tim Wood joins Blitz Race Body Factory Team
8-Time UK 1/8 Champion and Euros semi-finalist Tim Wood has joined the Blitz factory team for 2024 and beyond. Already clinching the 2023 U.K. title using the Blitz Spider......


#60235 BLITZ  PISTA-10 1/10th GT (190mm) Bodyshell
The super low stance BLITZ PISTA-10 2 doors GT body is designed for all 1/10 190mm electric power touring cars, The high-performance aerodynamic body provides very well-looking and easy handling for all level driers.....


#60233 BLITZ TCN-S 1/10th Touring Car Bodyshell
BLITZ proudly introduces its latest 1/10 Touring Car body shell, the BLITZ TCN-S. Based on the BLITZ TCN, the TCN-S is slightly smaller in overall size with changes to key design elements to improve steering response and corner speed.....


TiTAN NEW Lightweight Pinions
The new TiTAN lightweight Hard coating 64dp pinion 41T to 51T are coming to the market, more different size and specification will release following, the new lightweight have the same quality as our ultra series pinion but the weight is lighter.
The item number below 64dp lightweight pinion
41T #56041U2  •  43T #56043U2  •  44T #56044U2  •  45T #56045U2  •  47T #56047U2
51T #56051U2


TiTAN NEW Lightweight Pinions
The new TiTAN lightweight Hard coating 48dp pinion is coming to the market from 37T to 40T, more different size and specification will release following, the new lightweight have the same quality as our ultra series pinion but the weight is lighter.
The item number below 48dp lightweight pinion
37T #54037U2  •  38T #54038U2  •  39T #54039U2  •  40T #54040U2


#60422 BLITZ SPEED 1/8th On-Road Racing Body-shell
EFRA 31558
The latest BLITZ 1/8th on-road racing body-shell SPEED is coming to the highly competitive 1/8 racing category.....

Malaysia Distributor


#60231 BLITZ CLA 1/10th Touring Car Bodyshell EFRA 4087
The CLA is Blitz’s latest 1/10th Touring car body shell and is about to hit a track near you! A fundamental feature of the CLA design is the air channel that’s designed to direct airflow along the center of the body – from the roof to the rear trunk.....


#60809 GT6 Pista 1/8th On-Road GT Body-Shell
BLITZ is proud to announce the next evolution to their all conquering 1/8th GT body, the highly anticipated GT6 Pista. The BLITZ GT-6 Pistabody-shell features a high performance body shapewith enhanced aerodynamicsand outstanding aesthetics........


#41005 5mm Connector Low Profile Type (4pcs)
The TiTAN 5mm connector feature 6-point contact for ultra Low resistance and secure fit. The connector length is 18 mm and fits all LiPo batteries with 5mm Bullet Plugs.


#30118 TiTAN 1/10th On-Road Setup Station Ver 2022
(Carry bag included)
Introducing the new #30118 TiTAN 1/10 Set-Up Station for all 1/10 Electric and Nitro cars. The #30118 setup station can be used to measure and adjust the following settings:
•Camber angle.
•Front and rear toe angle.......


60604 Lightweight Adjustable Body Tower
The new 60604 Lightweight adjustable body tower weighs only 3.5g (4pcs), it helps to reduce the overall weight of the bodyshell especially together with the Ultra lightweight bodyshell......


Hong Kong Distributor


#60915 BLITZ TCN-Mini 1/10th Mini (210/225) Car Bodyshell
The Latest BLITZ 1/10th Mini Bodyshell #60915 TCN-Mini The TCN Mini is based on the BLITZ 1/10 TCN body with an innovative design into fit 2 different wheelbases 210mm and 225mm, light decal and window mask included Standard version is......


#60913 BLITZ YRS-M 1/10th Mini (225) FWD Car Bodyshell
The European(EFRA) 1/10 FWD Class Winning Body-shell BLITZ YRS is converted into 1/10 Mini spec. The YRS-M has based on BLITZ YRS Body and the wheelbase becomes 225mm, and the body width is 170mm, YRS-M fits most 1/10 Mini Chassis and......


Finland Distributor
Welcome our new Finland distributor GSB RACING
Alumiinitie 5, Tila 21 15880 HOLLOLA, FINLAND
Tel: +358-500-252600 VAT: FI28357001
web site:www.gsb-racing.fi

#TS-0308 3x8mm Titanium Screw for Servo (4)
New Titanium screw TS-0308 is a special design screw for mounting the servo without extra shims and no play, The screw is made from high quality 6/4 Titanium bar material each set with 4pcs screw, screw length is 8mm and fits all different brand......


Zero Play Titanium Screw (4)
New zero play titanium screw is designed for use on the upper deck and shock tower, the zero play screw with 3.00mm diameter on the upper side of the thread, it helps to remove the play and make the upper-deck and shock tower seat in the correct place.....


Jeff Hamon Joins BLITZ
So happy to say I will be representing BLITZ Bodies for 2022 and Beyond Race.
Having the opportunity to test all the current products on the market I found some real gain at my home track using the Blitz Spider! Lap time + Quality = Champion.
Being part of an innovative company that continues to develop new and ......


#60229 BLITZ YRS 1/10th FWD Car Bodyshell EFRA 5002
New BLITZ YRS body-shell for FWD Class, the YRS body is designed to give more steering and stability for both front and middle motor FWD cars. the dimensions of YRS bodyshell are meet the new EFRA FWD Bodyshell rule. there has 2 thicknesses bodyshell, the standard body is built by 0.7mm and lightweight is built by 0.5mm......


#60230 BLITZ TCN 1/10th Touring Car Bodyshell EFRA 4083
Introducing the newest from Blitz TCN 1/10 190mm touring car bodyshell. Featuring a low-profile design which has become a industry standard.
Compare to previous Blitz bodyshell, Blitz TCN shorter and narrower design improves overall balance between steering and stability with high downforce feel......


Distributor in Korea
1F, 35, Samjeon-ro 13-gil, Songpa-gu,Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tax Code:756-38-00125
Phone Number: +82 10-7194-8784

#30120 TiTAN 1/8 GT Setup Station pack
(Carry bag included)
Made by Aluminum with Black anodize and cutted silver edge, full ball bearing at all joint make it operate ultra smooth,and provide precise reading of all angles. 4pcs camber gauge (2 front & 2 rear) and 1 toe gauge included......


#30115-V2 TiTAN 1/8 On Road Setup Station pack
(Carry bag included)
Made by Aluminum with Black anodize and cutted silver edge, full ball bearing at all joint make it operate ultra smooth,and provide precise reading of all angles. 4pcs camber gauge (2 front & 2 rear) and 1 toe gauge included......


#60420 BLITZ Spider 1/8th On-Road Racing Bodyshell
Introducing Blitz’s latest 1/8th on-road body shell - the Spider. Tested and developed over several months, the Spider fits all modern 1/8th on-road racing chassis. Designed to deliver more overall downforce than ever before, the Spider features excellent stability to ensure your car is easy to drive in both low and high traction conditions......


#23002 TiTAN Additive Bottle
The New TiTAN additive bottle is designed to apply additive into rubber and foam tires in the best way, the bottle volume is 42ml, all kind of additive can use......


#60808 GT5 Zonda 1/8th On-Road GT Body-Shell
• Body width in 317mm with a wheelbase range of 315mm to 335mm.
• Pre-marked front wheel center marks for easy body positioning.
• The GT5 body specs follow IFMAR’s GBS rule. • 35mm x 75mm wing dam included with the body......


#60228 BLITZ ROADSTER 1/10 190mm Touring Car body-shell
‧All new low-profile design TC racing body-shell with superior handling
‧20mm x 40mm side wing dam included. ‧2 different wing cut lines for adjusting rear down-force.
‧Pre-marked front wheel center for easy alignment and mounting body distance.......


#60311 Body-shell Repair Tape
This self-adhesive repair tape can repair broken or cracked body-shells by reinforcing weak areas. With a glass fiber inner layer, the aluminum surface tape is strong and also heat resistant. A very useful tape to protect body-shells and nitro car mufflers. Tape size: 4.8cm x 150cm.....


TiTAN Ultra Series 64dp Pinion
The TiTAN ultra series 64dp pinion now extend to 62T, those bigger pinion will fit most 17.5T or 21.5T stock class.


#60227 BLITZ MK9 1/10 190mm Hatchback Body-shell
‧High Downforce rear wing included, 2 different positions and height both adjustable.
‧Fit all 190mm FF/FWD chassis.
‧Body width 192mm, height 125mm(mounting with chassis).
‧Wing height designed below the roof......


#60225 BLITZ EK9 1/10th 190mm Touring Car Body-shell
The new BLITZ EK9 1/10th 190mm sedan body is designed for 1/10 FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Chassis. Not only providing a realistic look, the EK9 also provide very good handling and performance with 2 wings, the fixed middle wing provide stability and another wing on the roof cut to preferred size to adjust rear down-force.....


#60226 BLITZ SQ4 1/10th 190mm Touring Car Body-shell
New BLITZ SQ4 1/10 Competition TC body is what every driver is looking for, pushing the limit and taking it to the next level of 1/10 touring car racing. The SQ4 designed with maximum down force both in front and rear end and it will create maximum traction on the chassis.....


#23001 TiTAN Aluminum Parts Tray
TiTAN parts tray is made from 120mm x 170mm 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized and silver edged. There are 3 different slots (2mm/4mm/5mm) for soldering bullet connectors, and a 10mm slot designed to hold most modern 1/10 touring car gear diffs, ideal for diff oil maintenance....


TiTAN/ BLITZ distributor for Dominican Republic
We would like to introduce our new partner the RD Hobby-shop be our exclusive distributor in República Dominicana.
RD Hobby Shop S.R.L.
C/ Dr. Piñeiro #200 Carolina III Apto. 301, Zona UASD.
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.
Web: www.rdhobbyshop.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rdhobbyshop/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rdhobbyshop/
YouTube: RDHobbyShop

#60807 GT4 1/8th On-Road GT Body-Shell
New BLITZ 1/8th GT Body-shell GT4 is ready now, the new GT4 body is cooperate designed by JJ design with aerodynamic calculated and it is base on the real GT sport car, The body specification follows the IFMAR GT GBS rules and it also improves to have more steering and more overall stability......


TiTAN/ BLITZ distributor for Spain and Portugal
We are pleased to announce the XTR RACING S.L will become TiTAN/ BLITZ distributor for Spain and Portugal market, the XTR racing will stock all TiTAN tools and R/C accessory and BLITZ Racing body-shell to service all serious racer who need high-quality R/C racing products.
Urb. Los pinares C/ Requena 2
46117 Bétera (Valencia, Spain)
Tlf: 96 169 02 89 / 662 929 952

#30117 TiTAN 1/8th On-Road Setup Wheel
The new TiTAN lightweight setup wheel for 1/8th on-road racing car is ready for serious racer who needs setup for ride height and tweak the chassis balance. The setup wheel comes in a set including 2 pieces front wheel in 68mm and 2 pieces rear wheel in 75mm. ....


#60224 BLITZ C8 1/10 190mm Touring Car Bodyshell
The latest BLITZ C8 1/10 190mm Touring car body-shell is now ready after a lot of time invested in developmental testing. The C8 was designed for different track surfaces and layouts in one solution. The unique rear center wing design provides extra stability with minimum effects of aerodynamic drag......


#60912 BLITZ Delta 1/10 M-Class Body Shell (225mm)
The New BLITZ Delta body shell was designed for the popular 1/10 225mm wheelbase M-Class. It was based on world famous WRC champion car. The wing on the roof was also included to increase the handling performance and driving stability. The window mask and high quality grill and light decal were all included in standard package........


TiTAN Body Hole Reinforcement Tape
The new Titan body mounting hole reinforcement tape was designed for 1/10 and 1/8 body shell. It was made by high quality 0.2mm PET sheet with strong adhesive.
There are 2 options for this new tape.....


#60419 BLITZ TS050 1/8th On-Road Racing Body
The long awaiting latest BLITZ 1/8th On-Road racing body TS050 is ready now. The TS050 has been testing since last year in many races and a lot of track time. The TS050 was designed to give more steering and overall stability. .....


#60806 GT3-GBS 1/8th On-Road GT Body-Shell
The new BLITZ GT3-GBS 1/8 GT body shell was a newly modified version of previous GT3 body. The GT3-GBS modified the height of engine hood and the depth of A-pillar in order to meet the latest IFMAR GBS body rule. The GT3-GBS body also modified the front bumper edge. The new bumper now is with more down force. It will result with more steering. ......


#60910-08 BLITZ M49 1/10 Mini 225mm
New BLITZ M49 1/10 Mini Body is for 1/10 the popular Mini Class with 225mm wheel base. The M49 was based on American 40’s style automobile. The old school style body brings races a new option for their 1/10 Mini cars.......


#60223 BLITZ S100 1/10th 190mm Electric Touring Car Bodyshell
The new BLITZ S100 1/10th touring car body is an up-to-date design for the highly competitive 1/10 electric Touring car racing. Compare with all previous BLITZ body shell, the S100 provide more down force, which works well in low to medium traction. .....


The new 1/10 Mini Body shell CRUZE-M is ready now. The CRUZE-M is design for 1/10 Mini FF and 4WD chassis with wheelbase between 210mm~225mm and width below 170mm . CURZE-M is able to fit most 1/10 Mini chassis and different offset of 1/10 mini tires, the performance of CRUZE-M will surely help drivers to make better lap time........


#45001 Anti-Slip Foam Tape
New TiTAN Anti-Slip Foam Tape is design for most model 1/10 Touring Car,The 0.5mm thickness anti-slip tape with back glued tape is useful to avoid Lipo battery moving,Tape size is 110mm long x35mm wide x 0.5mm thickness, 3pcs / pack.


#60806 BLITZ GT3-GBS 1/8th GT BodyShell
The new BLITZ GT3 is a stylish looking and high performance 1/8th GT racing bodyshell.
The new GT3 fits most 1/8th model in the market with short wheel base of 223mm~228mm and track width below 313mm. The GT3 body includes 1 set of separated rear wing and screw......


#60418 BLITZ TSE040E 1/8th On-Road Electric Racing body shel
The new BLITZ TS040E body shell was exclusively designed for electric power 1/8th On-Road racing. It has a unique center body wing that provides superb handling at top speed.
The center cooling hold provides high air flow through the chassis that optimizes cooling performance for the battery.....


#60417 BLITZ 919 1/8th On-Road Racing Body shell
The ALL New BLITZ 919 Body shell was designed for serious nitro 1/8th professional racers.
After a lot of time in lab develop and track test, the BLITZ 919 gives very well balance of the steering in and out of corners with high stability......


Blitz Body Characteristic Chart
The latest BLITZ Body shell characteristic chart shows the latest 1/10 190mm electric touring body options (GSF2, AC10 and Altis 23e). It shows on handling, down force and stability scores of each body shell. In general, higher downforce would generate more traction but decrease response at the same time. Racers can follow this chart and find the best Blitz body shell for your different needs.


60603-V3 Adjustable Aluminum Body Post
New V3 adjustable body post features a black anodized aluminum adjustable nut and tower with a finer thread allowing precise height adjustment from 0mm to 6.5mm.


#60122 BLITZ RS5 1/10 200mm Touring Car Bodyshell
The BLITZ RS5 is Blitz’s latest 1/10th scale 200mm touring car bodyshell. It fits both Nitro and Electric 200mm touring car chassis. Both steering and stability of RS5 bodyshell were fine tuned in order to make the neutral balanced handling characteristics.....