#60913 YRS-M 1/10th Mini (225) FWD Car Bodyshell
The European(EFRA) 1/10 FWD Class Winning Body-shell BLITZ YRS is converted into 1/10 Mini spec.
The YRS-M has based on BLITZ YRS Body and the wheelbase becomes 225mm, and the body width is 170mm.
YRS-M fits most 1/10 Mini Chassis and works well both Front wheel driver and 4wd 1/10 mini car chassis.
The Standard YRS is built from 0.7mm polycarbonate, and the light version is 0.5mm.
All body shells included the light decal and window mask.
  Note: TCN Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted.
#60913-07 1/10 Mini (225) YRS-M 0.7mm Std.
#60913-05 1/10 Mini (225) YRS-M 0.5mm Light