#60229 YRS 1/10th FWD Car Bodyshell EFRA 5002
New BLITZ YRS body-shell for FWD Class, the YRS body is designed to give more steering and stability for both front and middle motor FWD cars. the dimensions of YRS bodyshell are meet the new EFRA FWD Bodyshell rule. there has 2 thicknesses bodyshell, the standard body is built by 0.7mm and lightweight is built by 0.5mm polycarbonate, all bodyshell come with light decals and a window mask.
  Note: YRS Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted.
          Body-Shell EFRA Homologated with EFRA 5002
#60229-07 YRS Body-Shell 0.7mm-Standard
#60229-05 YRS Body-Shell 0.5mm-Light