#60235 BLITZ PISTA-10 1/10th GT (190mm) Bodyshell
The super low stance BLITZ PISTA-10 2 doors GT body is designed for all 1/10 190mm electric power touring cars, The high-performance aerodynamic body provides very well-looking and easy handling for all level drivers.
The rear wing comes 2 cut lines, and driver can choose higher or lower wing, the higher wing gives more stability and the lower wing can make the car more steering.
The PISTA-10 also has standard weight and lightweight version in 0.5mm specification.
The PISTA-10 body includes window mask and light decal.
  Note: PISTA-10 Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted.
#60235-07 PISTA-10 1/10 GT 0.7mm (Standard)
#60235-05 PISTA-10 1/10 GT 0.5mm (Lightweight)