#60225 BLITZ EK9 1/10th 190mm Touring Car Body-shell
The new BLITZ EK9 1/10th 190mm sedan body is designed for 1/10 FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Chassis. Not only providing a realistic look, the EK9 also provide very good handling and performance with 2 wings, the fixed middle wing provide stability and another wing on the roof cut to preferred size to adjust rear down-force. The standard EK9 body made from 0.7mm thickness high-quality polycarbonate sheet and the light-weight version of 0.5mm, 2-step window mask and light decal all included.
The optional EK9 wing included, it is perfect for out-door track or low traction surface, 3 different cut line can adjust rear wing size and down force.
  Note: EK9 Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted.
# 60225-07 EK9 FWD Body-Shell 0.7mm-Standard
# 60225-05 EK9 FWD Body-Shell 0.5mm-light