#60422 BLITZ SPEED 1/8th On-Road Racing Bodyshell
The latest BLITZ 1/8th on-road racing body-shell SPEED is coming to the highly competitive 1/8 racing category.
Body been homologated with number EFRA31558.
The SPEED body can fit all modern 1/8th On-Road racing chassis, the main features below
1. Liner Steering
The SPEED is designed to fit most different track layouts and traction, with the liner steering design the body can adjust the steering by mounting distance, the SPEED initial setup matches the front wheel, when need more steering mounting the body forward, if need more stability mount the body backward, with all different mount location the body never loses the balance of the handling.
2. Top Speed
As more down-force applied on the body shell the more drag force it will be, the SPEED body is designed to minimize the drag without losing the downforce, the top speed of the SPEED will remain as good as the BLITZ TS040 body which was born on 2015.
The SPEED body build from a high-quality polycarbonate sheet, the standard is 1.0mm and the light version is 0.7mm, both body with body stiffener set, window mask, and sticker included.
  Note: SPEED Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted.
#60422-07  BLITZ SPEED 0.7mm Light Version
#60422-10  BLITZ SPEED 1.0mm Standard Version