BLITZ Race Body TQ/ Top 3 in Singaport ROCS Series Race Final
ROCS which is also known as Raceworks Singapore On-Road Championships finished its 2012 season finale this past weekends at Raceworks Hobbies. In conjunction with the ORCA series, 2 winners from each of the class of ORCA Super Stock 17.5T and ORCA Spec 17.5T, would win a sponsored trip to the ORCA Cup Finals 2012 in Malaysia, tentatively on November 25, 2012.

ROCS is the most popular electric car racing in Singapore. Buffet dinner was served at the end of the race with many attractive lucky draw prizes including car kits from ARC, Hot bodies and Associated, and the race attracted 50+ entries in total. 4 classes were competed in the event ORCA Super Stock 17.5T, ORCA Spec 17.5T, 1-12 Pan car Open and Mini Class.
Not a regular racer in the Super Stock 17.5T, P.Y.Tang ORCA-powered XRAY T3'12 dominated the class throughout the qualifying setting fastest pace at 15.6 sec lap, improving a huge gap from his 16.2 sec best lap from practise sessions on Saturday. P.Y.Tang stated that he made the right choice switching his bodyshell to the BLITZ WRX and also having to make a few changes in his Version 3.0 firware in his ORCA VX during the race. Second qualifying spot went to Leonard Sim in his new ARC R10 powered by Hobbywing-ORCA, slightly off the pace from TQ, and a contender for the overall championships. Daryl Thong in his ORCA-powered XRAY T3'12, who is also the championships contender in the ORCA Super Stock 17.5T, had to TQ and win the round to secure as champion, could only come close to 3rd in qualifying. Daryl Thong was off the pace, which mainly due to his long break to concentrate in his school national exam.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings ORCA Super Stock 17.5T (A-Main)                           
1 P.Y.Tang BLITZ WRX 23 laps - 6:10.261 - 15.600s
2 Leonard Sim ARC R10 - BLITZ XFR 23 laps 6:14.815 - 15.823s
3 Daryl Thong BLITZ XFR 23 laps - 6:15.780 - 16.117s
4 Colin Tong BLITZ WRX 22 laps - 6:00.152 - 15.939s
5 Dimas   22 laps - 6:07.505 - 16.108s
6 Hasron   22 laps - 6:07.975 - 16.246s
7 Kevin Wong   22 laps - 6:11.436 - 16.377s
8 John Roden   21 laps - 6:07.478 - 16.926s
9 Dominic Quek BLITZ XFR 21 laps - 6:09.134 - 16.091s
10 Dhillon Tay   21 laps - 6:11.743 - 16.522s

In the Final A1 of Super Stock 17.5T, P.Y.Tang had a slow start with Leonard Sim and Daryl Thong following very closely behind. Within a few laps, P.Y.Tang picked up his pace giving him some breathing space, while Leonard Sim and Daryl Thong was fighing for 2nd. Daryl Thong had a contact with Leonard Sim dropping down the pack. Leonard Sim then had to retire from electronic problems, while Colin Tong picking up pace was able to overtake to 2nd and Daryl Thong finishing in 3rd. Final A2 saw P.Y.Tang checking out the race with a consistent 6-min run and over 7 sec advantage over Leonard Sim who was having some trouble in tire treatment. Strong run again from Colin Tong finishing in 3rd, and Daryl Thong retired from a broken camber link. With P.Y.Tang sitting out in Final A3, Leonard Sim was still slightly off pace where Colin Tong was all over him for the longest time, until being hit by a backmarker. Daryl Thong took over 2nd while Colin Tong was doing whatever he can to pass for 2nd. With the two making contact just before the transponder line, Daryl Thong had to retire again with a camber link failure. Final charge from Colin Tong caught up to the leader, but Leonard Sim kept a tight line and took the win in Final A3.

Top 10 Final Standings ORCA Super Stock 17.5T (A-Main)                        
1 P.Y.Tang BLITZ WRX 2 pts
2 Leonard Sim ARC R10 -BLITZ XFR 3pts
3 Colin Tong XRAY T3'12 - BLITZ WRX 4pts
4 Hasron   7pts
5 Dimas   8pts
6 Dominic BLITZ XFR 11pts
7 Kevin Wong   11pts
8 Daryl Thong BLITZ XFR 12pts
9 Dhillon Tay   13pts
10 John Roden   14pts