60222 BLITZ ALTIS 2.3e 1/10 190mm Touring Car Bodyshell
Based on the successful 2008 IFMAR world champion BLITZ 1/10 200mm ALTIS 2.3, The ALTIS 2.3e is a scale-down 190mmm of the nitro version. Works perfect for high speed outdoor asphalt track, The ALTIS 2.3e gives very good steering at neutral position mounting. BLITZ bodyshell is made by high quality Polycarbonate in 3 different thickness, 0.8mm regular, 0.7mm light and 0.5mm ultra-light. Window mask, screw set and wing included.
#60222-08 BLITZ ALTIS 2.3e 0.8mm
#60222-07 BLITZ ALTIS 2.3e 0.7mm
#60222-05 BLITZ ALTIS 2.3e 0.5mm