#23002 TiTAN Additive Bottle


  The New TiTAN additive bottle is designed to apply additive into rubber and foam tires in the best way, the bottle volume is 42ml, all kind....
#60420 BLITZ Spider 1/8th
On-Road Racing Bodyshell
Introducing Blitz’s latest 1/8th on-road body shell - the Spider. Tested and developed over several months, the Spider fits all modern 1/8.....
#60311 Body-shell Repair Tape

  This self-adhesive repair tape can repair broken or cracked body-shells by reinforcing weak areas. With a glass fiber inner layer....
#60808 GT5 Zonda 1/8th
On-Road GT Body-Shell
‧Body width in 317mm with a wheelbase range of 315mm to 335mm.
‧Pre-marked front wheel center marks for easy....
TiTAN Ultra Series 64dp Pinion

  The TiTAN ultra series 64dp pinion now extend to 62T, those bigger pinion will fit most 17.5T or 21.5T stock class....
#60228 BLITZ ROADSTER 1/10th 190mm Touring Car body-shell
‧All new low-profile design TC racing body-shell with superior handling.
‧20mm x 40mm side wing dam included...