BLITZ WRX wins at Singapore ROCS
After 2 months break for the event, ROCS resumed last weekend at Raceworks Hobbies in Bottle Tree Park Singapore. The weekend went really well for Team XRAY-ORCA-BLITZ as they have taken the top spot for the Raceworks Modified and ORCA Super Stock 17.5T class and leading the overall series.
Top contenders in the Raceworks Modified Class would see Nicholas Lee (Tamiya World Champion 2011) and P.Y.Tang (TITC 2011, 2012 Super Stock A-Main Finalist) competing for top spot right till the last round, with the class running a Reedy format, taking points 4 rounds out of 6. E.C.Wee ran a respectable race after a long break completed in the podium spot. Prior testing on the BLITZ XFR and WRX, P.Y.Tang choses the WRX based on the traction level on race day as it gave a better rear end stability and a milder steering compared to the XFR which would be perfect at a higher traction level. The choice proved to be wise as the fastest laptime posted at 14.1sec, was faster by at least 0.2sec to everyone else. After winning the first 2 rounds by P.Y.Tang, Nicholas Lee came back strong to take Round 3 and 4. With multiple lead change in Round 5, P.Y.Tang kept his cool in the final minute to hold on for the win. A decisive Round 6, again saw multiple lead change in the first 3-minute, by with a more stable and faster car, P.Y.Tang remained calm and cruised in for the win.
Top 3 Final Standings (Raceworks Modified Class):
1. P.Y.Tang - XRAY T3'12 - ORCA VX/RX2/INFINITE - BLITZ WRX - (1, 1, 4, 2, 1, 1)
2. Nicholas Lee - Tamiya TRF417X - Hobbywing - (6, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2)
3. E.C.Wee - XRAY T3'12 - ORCA VTC MK2/RX2/INFINITE - (2, 3, 2, 3, 3, 4)