60603-V3 Adjustable Aluminum Body Post


  New V3 adjustable body post features a black anodized aluminum adjustable nut and tower with a finer thread allowing precise height....
#60122 BLITZ RS5 1/10
200mm Touring Car Bodyshell
The BLITZ RS5 is Blitz’s latest 1/10th scale 200mm touring car bodyshell. It fits both Nitro and Electric 200mm touring car chassis....
Team TiTAN fuel bottle #22001

  New team TiTAN fuel bottle , the 600 C.C fuel bottle build by super flex gray transparent EVA , easy to identify volume....
#60222 BLITZ ALTIS 2.3e 1/10 190mm Touring Car Bodyshell
Based on the successful 2008 IFMAR world champion BLITZ 1/10 200mm ALTIS 2.3, the ALTIS 2.3e is a scale-down 190mmm of the nitro version....
Puerto Rico Dealer

  Pit Lane Hobby Inc
EB21 Calle Arturo Cadilla Matos Suite#2 Levittown Lakes Toa Baja, PR 00949, Puerto Rico....
#60221 BLITZ AC10 1/10 190mm Touring Car Bodyshell
New BLITZ AC10 1/10 190mm bodyshell for electric touring car. The AC10 bodyshell is design for both carpet and asphalt surface racing....